Must Watch: Disney (Marvel's) Big Hero 6 Teaser Trailer

              Disney has released the teaser trailer which you can watch above for their first animated Marvel film adaptation: Big Hero 6.  The film is in no way associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is only very loosely based on the original 90's Marvel comic of the same name.  While the tone of the film looks really fun you can't really tell much other than this film looks like it could be a more kid friendly animated version of Pacific Rim.  Hopefully the actual film will have a little more action and heart to go along with the humor we see here.  Also interesting for this teaser it that it says the film will be out February 2015 and not November 7th of this year like originally planned.  Other than this trailer I can't seem to find anything else from Disney to suggest a release change but we will keep you posted.  So what do you think Epic Reviewers are you excited for Big Hero 6?


  1. Saw the trailer for the first time today! Looks great! Maybe I'll get to review it! ;)


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