Check it out: Cosplay at ConCarolina 2014!

     This past weekend me and the Reel Brad Bell went to ConCarolina 2014 in Charlotte, NC. While Brad was getting a poster signed by George R.R. Martin, I was out talking to people, buying Game of Thrones toys, and checking out all of the cool cosplayers. Here are just some of the great cosplayers  ran into at ConCarolina 2014. If you see yourself on here, let me know! We'll happily link to your site or something if you'd like! Loads and loads of pictures after the break.....

Here's a great Doctor Who ensemble with the 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctors all accounted for. This guy was also the first 12th Doctor that I've seen, so props to you my friend. And yes, weeping angels are always my favorite costumes of any show I'm at. They're just so awesome!

Here's a great group of bounty hunters from the Mandalorian Mercs of North Carolina. There were actually quite a few of these guys (and gals) running around posing for pictures, locking people in cages, and collecting money for their Little Warrior fund charity!

I rarely see Metal Gear cosplay, so I was really excited to run into Solid Snake! What was extra cool is that I actually had Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in Nintendo 2DS in my pocket at the convention.

More great Doctor Who cosplay! Not only did this young lad look fantastic as the Tardis, but their was a working light on the top of her head and a rope of blue lights around her midsection that flashed when indoors. It was a really cool effect and you could notice her form anywhere. As you can see, the Empty Child was also present.
There's Waldo!

Actually, she's probably dressed as Wilma.

Sandman cosplayers always seem really hapy to be recognized. It was very cool to see not only Sandman with his cool helmet, but Delirium, too!

Yes, this guy was cosplaying as Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters and, yes, he looked exactly like him. Honestly, I thought that maybe it was really him at first. I did wonder why Jamie Hyneman was selling cosplay prop weapons at a fantasy convention, though.

Here's a great group of Game of Thrones cosplayers. I recognized Daenerys Targaryen on the left and Jamie Lannister on the middle left, but I'm not sure who the other guys were supposed to be. Middle right could be Jon Snow, perhaps? Still, they definitely had some stellar costumes.
Here's a Dalek and Cassandra from Doctor Who! The Dalek was remote controlled and could turn and talk. Cassandra was just a prop, but lots of cosplayers were getting pictures with her. There were tons of 10th Doctors running around the convention!

The Carolina Garrison of the 501st Legion had some cool stuff on display, including this gonk Droid, AKA a GNK Power Droid.
The Mandalorian Mercs had this cool jail cell that they would randomly put guys in alien costumes in.
Here the alien bounty is snarling and yelling.

I asked this fine couple where their costumes were from.  The gentleman with green wings and a kilt pointed at the fuzzy snow wolf and said, "from her imagination." Works for me. Someone is one heck of a costume creator.

I asked this guy if he was Crocodile Dundee. Turns out, he's a cowboy samurai. Still pretty cool if you ask me.

Some more Game of Thrones inspired cosplay. I like the addition of the Starbucks cup, too.

Here's another Game of Thrones group. Look at that smug Joffrey on the right. Where's Tyrion? This guy needs a good slap!

This guy was really tall and imposing. He had a massive sword, glowing blue eyes, and said the character he was portraying originated in his mind. Awesome!

Here is a fantastic Cersei Lannister who is actually portrayed by Lidia of sexyDEATHparty Cosplay. She did a great job and has more cool costumes and stuff on her website.
It's tough to tell, but these folks had some Doctor Who themed garb on and were dancing to fiddle music. It was actually pretty cool and provided some needed entertainment to the folks standing in line to meet George R. R. Martin for hours.

And here they are again!

It just isn't a party unless Darth Vader shows up, is it?

Here's my third place up for Best Costume at ConCarolina 2014: Krampus, the Christmas devil. Seriously, this guy needs a spot at the mall come Christmas!
Here's Krampus Claus again!

And here he is showing off the babies in a wicker basket on his back. Creepy and awesome!

I love the effect of the blue glowing eyes on this costume. I have no clue if this is supposed to be any character in general, but it was pretty sweet nonetheless.

This pic didn't turn out well, unfortunately, but this was a very cool combination of a grungy modern Joker with the garish outfit of a more classic Joker.

Storm Shadow was there to proclaim that G.I. Joe is not forgotten. Seriously, I think this guy is doing more for G.I. Joe this year than Hasbro has done.

I have never seen someone cosplay as Boushh before. She looks awesome!

Here's some Mortal Kombat cosplay. From left to right: Mileena, Scorpion, and Kitana.

Here's my second favorite costume of ConCarolina 2014! Soundwave from Transformers! Non only was this a cool looking G1 costume but words scrolled across the visor and the screen on the torso was a real screen that ran a small computer. You could play games on this Soundwave! The woman inside the costume did an awesome job with this! It was fantastic!

Here's my number one costume of ConCarolina 2014! The Clockwork Man from the Doctor Who episode "The Girl in the Fireplace."

Not only did this costume look awesome, but the cosplayer really perfected the movements of the character!

Stay tuned for some more coverage of cool stuff from ConCarolina 2014!


  1. GREAT PICS, guys! Wish I could have been there!

    1. Unfortunately, the Dothraki have no word for Generbeener....
      ; )

  2. Hey :D the "snow wolf" was me, my fiance is the one in green and black. We were costuming as 2 of my characters. He is costuming as Giga the shape shifting gas mask monster ( we could not find the mask anywhere before we left for the con) and I am costuming as Bug the mutt ( a white puppy dog with hooves for feet). I am so happy to actually find a picture of us, we were in costume the whole time and did not manage to get any good photos. Would you mind is I reposted the image of us to my facebook? I'll link to the source :3

    1. Repost anything you like, and thanks for visiting the site! Epic cosplay btw rare and cool when someone cosplays as their own original character!

    2. Thank you so much times 2 ^___^ oh and my fiance wanted me to tell you that he was not wearing a kilt, its a mini skirt X3 hehe he does wear kilts sometimes though. Thank you so much again

    3. Hey!

      I'm the one who talked with you guys and took your picture. If you have any more pics or any cool background stuff like a story or concept art or anything, feel free to let us know. Send it to with a link to anything and I'll happily put it up. You guys looked awesome!

  3. I was the Clockwork Horror. First competition we had ever entered! Jim Looper

    1. Cool, Jim!

      Not only was your costume awesome but the picture turned out pretty cool as well. Especially with the Mythbusters guy in the back!


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