Check it out: SH Figurarts announces Shielded Black Rangers as SDCC Exclusive

     SH Figurarts has revealed that their 2014 SDCC Exclusive will be The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Black Ranger Shielded Edition.  The look comes from the Season 1 Episode of Power Rangers "An oyster Stew" in which Tommy gives Zack the Dragon Shield in order to fend off the Oysterizer.  Find more images of this epic figure and few more or our thoughts after the break......

    I have to say I love the fact the SH is putting this version of the original Black Ranger out, it's just unfortunate it was done as an SDCC Exclusive.   I remember creating this version of Zack with my original triangle box Power Ranger figures as a kid so to have it represented in a fully articulated collectible is pretty sweet.  At this point collectors of this line just have to hope the secondary market price for this figure doesn't skyrocket, because $45 is already a bit steep for a four inch collectible. 

What do you guys think of this exclusive? Or are you just too burnt out in SDCC Exclusives at this point to care?


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