Check it out: Mondo does yet another Goonies poster

    Mondo is doing yet another Goonies poster and as much as I love this film and the other posters Mondo has done for it, come on guys: Goonies again? Really?   The poster is 24x36 and is by Artist James Flames.  The variant is the Black & White version that will retail for $65 and is limited to 125.  The Regular is the color version to the right that will cost you $45 and be limited to 250.  These will go on sale at the Mondo Store at a Random time on July 3rd.  I mean, there's not much to really say here. This is about the laziest effort Mondo has ever had for a classic film and up there with their Captain America: Winter Soldier poster for the biggest flop of 2014.  I am sure these will sell out just like any Mondo poster, but you should have no problems finding these close to retail price on Ebay.


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