Check it out: Toys R' Us and Entertainment Earth SDCC Exclusive Power Rangers Legacy Lord Zedd

    Toys R' Us and Entertainment Earth have announced that a Power Rangers Legacy Lord Zedd figure will be one of their SDCC 2014 exclusives.  Find more images, the price, and our thoughts after the break.....

        First of all it's neat to see the Legacy line shift toward figures rather than just Zords and Props, and pretty cool of Bandai to give the biggest bad guy in the history of Power Rangers and updated and articulated figure.  However I just don't know about the 5 inch scale and the $18 price point.  As you know we have never been a fan of the 5 inch scale, because they just don't match anything display wise.  Why not just make him 3 and 3/4 of go on up to 6 inches.  This is normally the part where I would complain about the exclusivity of this figure, but Toys R' Us has confirmed that this will be available at their stores after SDCC 2014.  Over all I like the figure, but am not blown away in the manner I have been by past Legacy items, come on Bandai the figures are just as important as props and Zords!

How do you all out in the Morphin Grid feel about this Zedd figure?  Does anyone plan on picking him up? Let us know in the comments!


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