An EPIC Return

  In the past year I the Reel Brad Bell the founder of The Epic Review have got Married, moved, bought my first home, and started a new job.  As a result my passion project the epic review has suffered a bit.  Many of you know Barbecue17 our great toy writer has started a sister blog: (Action Figure Barbecue) to this site in order to house the toy reviews you guys love, btw I chose this wedding pic because you can see Barbecue17 in the background who was the minister who performed my wedding.  In 2015 my goal is the get this blog back to the labor of love it was originally intended to be.  As a reuslt you will see very little ads or attempts to make this blog a news site.  Instead it will be a place were I can focus on loving the things I love whether that be Film, TV, Comics, or Collecting.  This will be done by a few a posts a week as well as hopefully a monthly podcast starting back up in February 2015 done by Barbecue17 and I and Andrew Stokes from time to time.  

So welcome back Epic Reviewers, here's to 2015 being an EPIC year!- The Reel Brad Bell


  1. Glad to see some activity around here!

    Thanks for the shout out!


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