Check it out: Arrow and Flash Superhero Team Spin-off in the works

               Looks like the CW superhero line-up is expanding.  According to Deadline there is a TV project in the works that would feature Black Canary (Caty-Lotz Star), Atom (Brandon Routh), FIRESTORM (Robbie Amell and Victor Gaber), and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) as well as  three other unknown DC heroes in a Superhero team-up show. Without knowing who the mystery three will be, this line-up raises some big questions in the form of the Black Canary character which I not comment on any further to avoid any spoilers. 

       Considering the amount of time and money put into bringing high profile actors such as Brandon Routh to the CW, many assumed the next step would be an Atom spin-off series especially with the amount of labor put into his high-profile move like suit that was recently revealed.  As of now it seems like the consensus is that Grant Gustin's Flash or Stephen Amell's Arrow will not be series regular's for this show.  Also I would not expect any villains to join the roster, since the DC TV universe already has an established Suicide Squad roster.  This would most likely rule out someone like Manu Bennet's Deathstroke.  One thing is for sure DC has immense amount confidence in it's TV brand, now only if it could capture that same magic on the big screen.  Our dream scenario would bring the Justice Society of America to out TV's this Fall starring John Diggle as the next Green Lantern!

Let us know what you think of this new upcoming DC Superhero team in the comments!  

Also who would be your choice for the three open spots on the show's roster?


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