Check it out: BTAS Batmobile revealed at Toy Fair

       Anyone who reads this blog knows that Toy Fair is basically like Christmas in February for collectors, many of us refresh our favorite sites in anticipation for the next big reveal from the retailer show.  Well before the show even starts today DC Collectibles may have already revealed the most jaw dropping product of the show: The BTAS: Batmobible.  This aesthetically pleasing slick design is based on the 1992 show, measures 24 inched longs, has working headlights, and will fit two DC Collectibles BTAS 6 inch figures.  While this batmobile has never been my favorite like the 66 and 89 versions are, you have to admire the craft and labor of DC Collectibles to bring this product right to life off the animation cell.  This is up for pre-order now at BBTS for only $85, so just like Barbecue 17 head over their and pre-order yours now for an October 2015 release!

So will any of you Collectors be picking this one up? If so what do you think of the $85 price point? Also where does this batmoble rank among your list? Let us know in the comments!


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