An Epic Return

      Over the past year I have been blessed to work with the great staff of Geeks World Wide, Editor and Chief: Casey Walsh and Founder: Joe Barhoum provided me with opportunities and access I could only dream of, interviewing comic creators from Tom King to Robert Venditti of DC among other legendary talents.  While I have enjoyed my time there, and still plan to remain on part time, something was missing.  I felt like I traded the flexibility and friendships of The Epic Review for that access.  My return to The Epic Review is not alone, I will also be joined by two of my best friends in the entire world: Jerry Reed of Action Figure Barbecue and our former podcast co-host: Andrew Stokes.  However this time around The Epic Review will be a different kind of venture.  See, the three of us have realized we enjoy talking more than we do writing.  So rather than being a news regurgitation site, The Epic Review along with our new youtube channel , will be the home of our brand new podcast network that will include a variety of soon to be anounced shows, of course headlined by the continuation of our flagship show: The Confirmed Epic Podcast.  We hope this will better represent what we all wanted this site to originally be, a place to house the free form geeky conversations that we all used to have walking out of our hometown movie theater (pictured above) or on  our way to the comic book shop.

-The Reel Brad Bell


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