Confirmed Epic Podcast #43 Directors Cut: Batman V. Superman & DC Rebirth Creative Teams

Brad, Andrew, Jerry, and special guest Editor at Agasicles Stamas discuss Zack Snyder's Batman V. Superman as well as the roll out of DC's Rebirth creative teams at Wonder-Con 2016, and as always get into epic news, and what they have been checking out.

Our Audio engineers had some problems with our audio for this episode, therefore all we were able to post was the bigger longer uncut version of this pod, we apologize for the raw audio!

As always email any questions or comments about the show to


  1. Man! I was getting really tired last night and I'm still not entirely comfortable with podcasting via webcam yet, but I did have a lot of fun with this cast. It was really fun talking with Agasicles about DC Comics. If Brad hadn't reigned us in we probably could have filled the podcast with Rebirth alone. Just a few things I've thought of since last night:

    1. I checked out some of the stuff for Hope Larson's Batgirl and I'm pumped. It seems like she has a great vision for the series. I honestly wasn't familiar with her, even from looking at her bibliography, but I'm excited to see her take on this title. Also, Rafael Albuquerque is fantastic and is always a solid artist.

    2. Andrew and I were talking today and I realized we never even talked about how close this film made Gotham and Metropolis. That was a bit unusual, wasn't it?

    3. We really talked about this film in such a "big picture" kind of way that we missed talking about the fact that Batman used a microphone to augment his voice (cool idea) and how much his fighting style mirrored that seen in the Arkham video games.

    4. Was I the only person that liked Keven Costner's scene?

  2. Jerry I agree, but we could have talked all night about BVS as well, I tell you what we will do since I consider this the most divisive film we have ever reviewed since we started podcasting in January 2013. So this July when the 3 hour R-rated cut comes out we will review that version of the film in an episode of the confirmed epic podcast, and on that episode we will do no news, no what we have been checking out, just a review. That sound good?


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