Check It Out: Black Lightening Trailer

When Black Lightening was announced by the CW, the only thing I felt struck by was superhero fatigue.  Could the network really take on a 5th hour long superhero drama? After the first trailer, I think the answer is a shocking YES!  From the get go I knew that for a lesser known superhero like Black Lightening to succeed on network television something was going to have to set it apart.  Find out what that is, and checkout the first trailer for the CW's Black Lightening after the break...

Based on the trailer, which you can enjoy above, it seems like Black Lightening will be so much more that a CW superhero show, rather it will be a societal commentary.  Beyond that the show offers viewers the unique premise of seeing an older, more mature hero steeping back into the saddle after years of being a high school principal.  Imagine that High School Principal by day, and Superhero by night, maybe this premise only sounds interesting to me because I work in public education, but I digress.  

Let us know if you plan on watching Black Lighting this Fall in the comments below or tweet me your thoughts on the trailer @thereelbradbell


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