Check It Out: DC Comics Reveals the Doomsday Clock

The mystery that has been plaguing the DC universe since Rebirth started looks to finally be answered this November.  DC has announced Doomsday Clock for November 2017, Written by: Geoff Johns, with art by: Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.  As this point it is unclear whether or not Doomsday Clock is the name of an event series or simply a plot concept that will be used in Superman and Action Comics.  Find out our thoughts on this epic DC reveal after the break...

Bringing the Watchmen into the mainstream DC continuity was one of the most controversial decisions in the history of WB.  To this point though even if you disagree with the decision it is hard to critique the process.  DC has managed to reveal this story through one-shots and small crossover stories like the button that took place over 4 issues within the Flash and Batman.  As long as they stay with same approach and keep this event within the Superman titles I think most readers will continue to be pleased with the process.  

(Source: CBR)

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