Check It Out: Pirates 5 hauls in the Memorial Day Weekend 2017 Booty

Dismal reviews were not enough to keep audiences away from the Black Pearl this Memorial Day Weekend, as the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales handily won the weekend box office taking in $62.1 Million.  The 4th Pirates Sequel beat out Baywatch which debuted to a terrible $18.1 Million for 3rd place, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 still holding strong at 2nd place with another $19.8 Million, giving Disney the two top spots over the Holiday Weekend.  For comparison Curse of the Black Pearl opened to $46.6 Million, Dead Man's Chest: $135.6 Million, At World's End: $114.7 Million, and On Stranger Tides: $90.1 Million.

As evidenced by my lack of review for the film on the site, I have yet to see Pirates 5, which according to most reviews I am not missing much.  This film looks like one more worthy of Davey Jones Locker, or at least my blu-collection!

*Updated: Pirates 5 took in an additional $14.6 Million domestically on Memorial Day 2017 putting it's 4 day holiday weekend haul at $76.6 Million.  The film also took in $208.4 Million internationally tallying its overall box-office up to $285 Million over 4 days.  Disney has to be a little upset with the domestic numbers here, but have to pleased by these international numbers including $67.8 Million in China alone.  Now we shall see how Jack Sparrow and crew hold up against Wonder Woman next weekend!

(Source: Box Office Mojo)

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