Check It Out: Toothless Sideshow Statue

Sideshow released a surprising exclusive product last night via their newsletter, which was a Toothless statue based on the beloved beast from How To Train Your Dragon.  The statue stands 12 Inches tall and over 9inches wide, and weighs a hefty 9 pounds.  The statue will cost $250, but is sure to skyrocket in value on the after market, with a character this well liked by fans of all ages.  I have to give sideshow a lot of credit for starting to produce semi-affordable statues; they teased their $65 Alien Egg just a week ago.

Get a better look at this beautiful piece after the break...

I have been out of the high end statue game for quite sometime, but this piece might just be enough to fly me back in! If you want one you can pre-order this guy at Side Show right now, however the estimated ship date is not until holiday 2017.

Let us know your thoughts on the statue in the comments below or tweet me @thereelbradbell


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