Confirmed Epic Podcast #71: Baby Driver & The Defenders

On episode #71 of the Confirmed Epic Podcast The Reel Brad Bell & AKA Andrew Stokes review the eagerly anticipated return of Director Edgar Wright: Baby Driver. As always we get into the epic news items of the week, as well as what we have been checking out.

Confirmed Epic Podcast #71 Time Stamps:

12:03 (Checking Out/Defenders Episode 1-4 Discussion)
41:49 (Boom Studio's Go Go Power Rangers)
46:06 (AKA Andrew Stokes Dunkirk Review)
53:00 (Epic News/ WB's Wonder Woman Oscar Push)
58:58 (John Cena joins Bumble Bee Cast)
1:02:36 (Deadpool 2 Domino Reveal)
1:04:23 (Chiwetel Ejiofor Scar Rumors)
1:08:43 (Carrie Fisher's Star Wars The Last Jedi Send Off)
1:11:58 (Mother Teaser Trailer)
1:18:07 (Rapid Fire News)
1:28:01 (Baby Driver Spoiler Free Review)
1:56:22 (Baby Driver Spoilers)
2:25:51 (Post Credits Stinger) 

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