Back to Basics

     Since the launch of The Epic Review and its official flagship podcast a lot has changed; some for the better, some for the worse.  During this time the personal lives of myself, AKA Andrew Stokes, and Jerry "Barbecue17" Reed have been filled with various things life events such as home buying, having children, falling in love, and so on. You get the point!  When it comes to the site and the podcast, however, I don't know if all the changes have been for the best.  Sure the podcast gained new partnerships, had some big name guests, and even got a sleek new logo, but somewhere during that process the tone of the site and the podcast completely lost its way.

   For that I am truly sorry! The truth is The Confirmed Epic Podcast and The Epic Review have never been more fun (or successful) than in those early days when we were having fun producing the content.  That is why I am happy to announce that over the next few months the site and the podcast will be getting back to basics.  So what exactly does this mean?

     For the site itself you may see a minor makeover but, more importantly, you will see the return of reviews for film, comics, and television.  We will not be trying to break the news but rather focusing on giving you our unique and quirky commentaries in written form.  

     When it comes to the podcast the focus will no longer be on thumbnails, YouTube, or streaming partnerships, but rather the passion for the properties we talk about. That means our podcast will once again be exclusively on and on the The Epic Review iTunes feed.  

      One difference that you may notice as we try to return to our glory days is the timing of our podcast topics and articles.  It just isn't realistic for us to hit every new release like we did in our 20's, so you will see more content focusing on home video releases, although of course we will cover the heavy hitters such as Black Panther shortly after their release.   

     Also expect more of a mix of the core hosts, which means you should be hearing more of our most popular host: Barbecue17, and we all know that means toys, toys, and more toys.  While Jerry has a very successful toy blog over at, you can expect a lot more collecting discussions on upcoming podcasts.

     For everyone who has ever clicked on the site or clicked play on the podcast: Thank you! My hope during the coming months is to win those listeners and readers we lost back while cultivating a new audience to share the things we all love.  And here we go...

-The Reel Brad Bell


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