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Check it out is the section of the epic review where you can find all the upcoming epic films, comics, 
posters, trailers, and collectibles worth your time!  Check it out below:

First Photo of Shane Black's Predators 

Danny Mcbride Confirms Michael Myers Mortality 

DC Comics Reveals The Doomsday Clock 

FOX Debuts new X-men Gifted Trailer

First look at new Disney XD animated Spider-man Series

Sideshow and Hot Toys debut/tease new Alien Products 

Mondo to release Wave 1 of Texas Frightmare 2017 Merch.

Ridley Scott to shoot the next Alien film in 14 Months

Deadpool Animated Series on it's way to FXX from Donald Glover

NECA 1990 TMNT Michelangelo up for Pre-Order

Bottle Neck Gallery's Halloween poster by Matthew Peak

Andrew's Top 10 most anticipated films of Summer 2017

Hellboy R-rated reboot on the way, Del Toro is out Neil Marshall is in as Director 

That Kid Who Draws: Alexander Iaccarino's Epic Edge of Tomorrow Poster

WB Trailer blitz continues w/ first Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

The 2017 MTV TV/Movie awards happened last night if you care

It Teaser Trailer #2

The Final Wonder Woman Trailer

Edge of Tomorrow sequel confirmed will be titled: Live Die Repeat And Repeat

James Gunn announces Guardians of the Galaxy 3 for 2020 

Check it out: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 post $145 Mil. Opening Weekend

Another Epic Return 

Dunkirk Main Trailer

Top 10 Most Anticipated films of Summer 2017

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