Our Rating System

A few years ago we here at The Epic Review grew tired of the generic rating systems seen in newspapers and websites across the globe.  So we set out on a mission to come up with a ratings system that truly conveys the feelings that your average fan felt when walking out of the movie theater, toy aisle, reading a comic book or watching the latest TV show.  The result was the Epic Rating System, which is explained below.  When we confirm something with one of our unique ratings you can rest assured of the type of experience you will have when you make the trek to your local cinema, toy aisle, comic book shop or just when setting your DVR.
EPIC- A can’t miss experience where all of the elements come together for a feeling you’ll know.
Great- A Can’t Miss film, figure, comic or TV show
Good- An Average film, figure, comic, or TV show that is worth checking out if it interests you.
EH- If you have the time and money to waste, why not?
Crap- Not worth your time.

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